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A School's Frequently Asked Questions

A: The average class of 25 students takes approximately:
25 minutes for Grade PK through Grade 2
20 minutes for Grade 3 through Grade 6
15 to 20 minutes for Grade 7 through Grade 11

We photograph all students by name using our personalized flyer-order envelope. Approximately 4 to 5 weeks prior to the picture date, we will ask your school to supply us with a student & staff list. The student list should include name, grade, homeroom, teacher name and student ID number. The staff list should include name, salutation and position. The file format should be an Excel or Comma Delimited file. The flyer-order envelope will arrive at the school with the student names sorted by grade, homeroom or teacher name.

A: Classes should arrive at the photographer in an orderly fashion with the help of a teacher or moderator present. Students should come to the photographer with the flyer-order envelope in hand.

A: Yes. Although we try not to make picture day the school's responsibility, the day will move along much more smoothly with the school's help. The school can help in the following ways:

  • If the school has a particular schedule that has to be followed, just send it to us ahead of time and review it with our photographers.
  • If possible, supplying parent aides to help the photographers stay on schedule.
  • Following the time structure for classes stated earlier.
  • By making sure students come to the photographers according to the guidelines stated earlier.

A: In the Fall, all students will be photographed, whether they are purchasing or not. When the purchased portrait booklets are delivered to the school, those students who did not purchase, but were photographed will receive a booklet that includes an access code to view and purchase pictures by the sheet.

A: Yes. Although we do limit the number of children photographed to two on a regular school picture day, if demand for multi-children photographs is high, we can set up a special Buddy picture day at the school at another time. Please contact our office or see the photographer to find out when it would be the best time to bring children to the camera for this type of photograph.

A: A suitable place for picture taking would be: gym, stage, library or an empty classroom (without desks). Each photography setup takes an area of 12 x 17 feet. This allows us enough room for students to move through the process and create a smooth picture day.

A: Parents are to contact Hockmeyer with Barksdale directly. There is documentation included in every portrait booklet about procedures they should follow.

A: Yes, we do! We offer many special programs including:

SPRING SALES – These programs can benefit the parents by offering another opportunity to have their children photographed. The programs can benefit the school as an additional "fund raiser."

HOLIDAY FUNPACKS – No additional photography needed. Funpacks are created from pictures that were already taken at the school.

CLASS GROUPS – Large & Small Class Groups, Graduating Classes.

SENIOR PORTRAITS – Senior portraits can be taken at your school, in our studio or in another location.

SPORTS – Individuals and Team Photography, Candid Photography and League Photography

SPECIAL EVENTS – Proms, Dances, etc.

YEARBOOK SERVICES – We offer everything for Yearbooks from software to printing and binding.

Visit our School Services page or call us for more details 800-220-7667.